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Threat to old railway line footpath 18 Sep 2017 Please try to help save the old railway line footpath off Station Road

Much to our dismay, the Footpaths Committee of the Parish Council have been informed that there are plans afoot to divert part of FP 206/30, which starts at the Oxford Instruments car park, off Station Road, and follows the westerly route of the old GWR railway line.

See section 7 in the following link for details.

This is the route which Sue Chapman helped to change from a permissive path to a public right of way in 1994, after seven years of campaigning.

We want to stop this diversion from going ahead, and I'm hoping you will lend us your support. To this end, could you take the time to let me have a list of reasons why this plan should be rejected so that we can put together a cohesive and robust objection, please? It is time-critical, I'm afraid, so sooner would be better.

Many thanks indeed for your help. Please feel free to spread the word. Sue Osborne


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