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URGENT - change of dates 14 Mar 2019 Bench installation postponed to 23-24 March due to bad weather

Further to the recent messages, the artist has POSTPONED the installation due to the weather warning for this weekend. Will is now aiming for next weekend 22-23 March. The Met Office forecast shows the wind drops after Monday and the weather should become increasingly settled and dry.

All previous requests / directions etc. apply to those of you who may be available and willing to help. Will needs sack barrows and a wheelbarrow (one of which he has already), and two people will be needed per sack barrow to help with the steps (lock and weir).

I'm so sorry I won't be there - oh, the vagaries of March! With very best wishes and thanks in advance, hope the installation goes really well. Sue

Please go to the lock car park in the first instance. It only has space for 6 cars, so if there is no room you can park at SWA Architects’ parking at Swinford Farm (just south of the lock driveway, on the opposite side of the B4044: when you enter the site don’t drive straight on through between the stone pillars otherwise you end up in Manor Farm.  Turn right and follow the rather discreet signs to Unit 2 which is through a gateway into a parking area straight ahead (don't turn left otherwise you enter the large car park for the accountants that use the main building).  SWA’s red RIBA signboard is high up on their unit and you should park facing that building).

We have been given access to the toilet at the lock. Please ask me or Katherine for the code.

The other thing to mention is that the river is quite high. All volunteers need to take care and be comfortable with working near the water.

Please bring a spade if possible. Also a picnic and hot flask, and wear warm clothes, stout boots and gloves.

Many thanks indeed to all who can come!


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