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Eynsham Parish Council welcomes resident's views on the following 2 consultations:-


Bartholomew Room Refurbishment Project - Your support is needed to secure the building for the future!

We invite residents to complete a 2 question survey on the Bartholomew Room Refurbishment Project and the associated increase in Council Tax.

In 1983, Eynsham Parish Council bought the Bartholomew Room for the people of Eynsham using funds raised to mark Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s Silver Jubilee.  (A plaque on the south wall marks the occasion).  The Bartholomew Room upper floor is used as Council Chambers – the lower floor is hired by arrangement to Eynsham Art Group for exhibitions and to other organisations at other times.

In January 2018, Leys Longden & Co (Chartered Surveyors) undertook a survey of the Bartholomew Room to provide a planned maintenance programme setting out principal items of work required and to allow for programming of major works/maintenance spending.  The survey concluded that the property is due for general external repairs and decorations, including repairs as a result of long term leaking from the gutters.  Provision for disabled access is poor and it is therefore recommended that the lower floor is re-arranged to create a disabled person’s toilet. Costs are estimated at £125,000.

The Council needs to act now to pursue repairs as quickly as possible in order to protect the buildings’ future.  The roof is in a worsened state since the 2018 survey was undertaken, not least due to the loss of 20 slates in Storm Dennis in February 2020.  Internally, whilst it is questionable whether the cracks around the chimney have worsened, they remain a constant reminder that the guttering is inefficient and the stonework will only be deteriorating further. 

The Council wants to secure the building for the community, but we need your help and support.  The limited options are:-

Option 1 – Residents SUPPORT the project and the associated Council Tax increase* to fund the loan repayments over 4 years. This will mean that the buildings' future will be preserved for future community use.

Option 2 – Residents DO NOT SUPPORT the project and the associated Council Tax increase.  The Council will look to sell the building in its current state thereby ceasing community use altogether. 

(* An increase of 24.1% is included in the Council Tax for the current financial year which equates to £12.43 increase for Band D properties for the year).

The Business Case provides further information - see downloads

Please complete the 2 questions survey by clicking here. Consultation period 3 April - 1 May 2020.



Eynsham Nature Recovery - Proposals to be considered by the Parish Council

We welcome feedback on changing the grass cutting regime on three areas in the village by way of trial. The areas have been surveyed to understand what is currently growing and the potential to thrive under a different maintenance routine. 

1) Hanborough Road, from Wytham View to Junction with B4449, both sides of road – This is number 1 choice for existing diversity and is also bordered by trees and hedging plants.

2) Oxford Road, from roundabout to playing field, both sides of the road – This is number 2 choice for diversity and is also bordered by trees and hedging. 

3) Station Road from Abbey Barns Road to the Fishponds car park, both sides of road - Number 3 choice for diversity. We have a couple of local champions here and there has already been activity in the car park to create a wildflower area.

The maintenance regime would be to cut in March and August (ie two cuts in total). In August, the cuttings will be removed by the Nature Recovery volunteers and used by the Allotments Association for composting.

The 2 cuts per year meet Oxfordshire County Council's requirements and we don’t think the timing of the cuts will impact the vision splay requirements at junctions (although these will be monitored and cut if required). Ubico will be asked to change their cutting programme for these three areas.

At end of year, the areas will be assessed and a decision made whether to continue thereafter.

Additional areas for improvement and feedback:-

4) Old Witney Road Play Area

Permission is being sought to plant hedging on the inside of the steel fence that runs around two sides of the play area. Not only will this provide new environment for wildlife, but also improve the appearance of the park. There will be no impact on the amount of space remaining for play and new equipment.  The cost will be funded by Nature Recovery and planting will be undertaken by volunteers.

5) Oxford Road Playing Field (South)

Similarly to the verges, the cutting regime for the 'dog leg' to the Fishponds is to reduce to 2 cuts per year.  Paths would remain cut more frequently through the area for dogwalkers.  Proposals will be discussed with the Playing Field Managers to decide exactly which areas to leave ‘wild.’  The grass would be cut in July to allow for the Carnival and the effective removal of cuttings will need to be considered.

Please complete the online survey by clicking here.  Consultation period 3 Apr - 1 May 2020.


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